Lina Voelker - Triathlete

Lina Voelker - Triathlete

Lina started triathlon from a young age following in her father’s footsteps as he competed in the three disciplines as well. After some competition experience Lina decided to train over the next few years to compete at higher levels. Now Lina is competing in the German and European Cup as well as in the first German and French triathlon league. But the highlight of the season so far has definitely been the European Championships in Lisbon this year where Lina finished 12th.


Lina is working towards another positive season with the aim to qualify for the European Championships. This year Lina is aiming to be in the top 5 in the German Championships and train to improve her running for the last 5k of the triathlons.



  • Qualified for the German National Squad 2017
  • 12th at the European Championships (Triathlon)
  • 4th at the European Championships (Duathlon)
  • 3rd at the German Cup in Forst
  • 11th at the German First Triathlon League (4th German overall)


  • German Team Champion
  • 3rd at the German Cup (Kraichgau)
  • 4th at the European Cup (Holten)
  • 8th at the European Cup (Tizsaujavarous)


This season Lina will be wearing the Sunwise interchangeable Twister Orange model. Featuring inclusive lenses for all weather conditions and a high lens cut for ventilation, great for the high speeds of the cycling and running disciplines.

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