Sunwise Ambassador - Matthew Kettlewell

Sunwise Ambassador - Matthew Kettlewell


Matthew is an avid explorer, mountaineer and trekker. He has explored many countries and continents across the world, always looking for that next big adventure in his life. Matthew started this extra ordinary lifestyle when he was 18 years old. He managed to get a job in South Africa caring for injured birds and occasionally help look after some of the big cats that were living in the centre.


After this job and a close call with a friendly Cheetah, Matthew really had the taste for adventure. He has ventured across South America with everything he needs in a large backpack. He has travelled across one the most dangerous roads in the world, the Ho Chi Minh trail through South East Asia. I have also led expeditions in Thailand, Borneo, Norway, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

Goals for 2017

Matthew’s next adventure is in Greenland, he is trekking through the Schweizerland Alps to a remote unexplored region where he will try and climb, map and name as many of the unclimbed mountains as possible. After which he will then be heading out to the Sahara to take part in a 100km race.

Matthew's Sunglasses

Matthew chose our Parade Grey and Summit White models. Both of these models are great for taking to high altitudes as they offer strong protection from the sun. The Summit White will be nice and light and will comfortably wrap around his head. Making it a great addition to his climbing gear. The Parade Grey model comes with polarised lenses, giving Matthew optimal clarity when at the peak of any mountain.

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