Josh Griffiths' Story - Sports Inspired by You

Josh Griffiths' Story - Sports Inspired by You

 As part of our new Sport Inspired by You campaign we have taken real life stories from athletes of all abilities to inspire the next generation of athletes. Sport is a great way to improve yourself both physically and mentally as well as a great way to make new friends. Many do often wonder how others got started or can be overwhelmed at the beginning stages. So let these stories show you how anyone can get involved and just how fun and exhilarating sport can be.

What got you interested in athletics?

I first took part in athletics during secondary school when I ran in the cross country team, ever since this first race I have loved the sport. I wasn't very good at this point and even continued to play football for another couple of years. It was after watching the Beijing Olympics 5000m and 10,000m final that I thought running was really cool and that one day I would love to make it to that sort of level. Therefore I decided to stop playing football and focus solely on athletics. Each year since I have gradually improved and have recently competed at the World Championships and Commonwealth Games.   

Who have been your inspiration throughout your career?

I have looked up to a number of different people so far during my sporting career. In my early years my sporting idol was Thierry Henry, as you may guess I am an Arsenal fan. Then as I got more interested in running, I looked up to the greats such as Kenenisa Bekele and Haile Gebreselassie. I also like to read a lot, so reading stories about the past greats like Steve Jones, who is a fellow Welshman and former World Record holder over the marathon motivates me to continue to train hard. 

Any goals both small and large scale you have set for yourself you have either achieved or are working towards?

Back in 2016 Wales had just released the qualifying standards for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. This had been a dream for me ever since I started running so I made it my goal to qualify for the Games. At the 2017 London Marathon I reached that goal running over a minute inside the qualifying time, and in so doing also qualified for the World Championships. Looking ahead, I am heading back to London this year in the hope of running another personal best and qualifying for more major championships.


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