Top Tips for Choosing Golf Sunglasses

Top Tips for Choosing Golf Sunglasses

The 2020 US PGA Championship in San Francisco is on and during the competition - we are taking a look at some top tips when choosing golf sunglasses

Be prepared for all weathers! 

Whatever weather welcomes you to the golf course, from bright sunshine to cloudy conditions, you'll need your it's important to think about sunglasses that can handle all weathers. Photochromic sunglasses react to changes in light, meaning you can wear the same pair of lenses from dawn until dusk allowing your full concentration to be on the shot ahead. The Chromafusion 2.0 Wellington model is a great choice for golfers featuring light-reacting lenses and advanced anti-fog technology so the lenses won't fog up.

Golf News said the model was "ideal for all-day use in all strengths of light".

You can also think about interchangeable lenses that you can easily change depending on the weather conditions for protection against weak sunlight - strong sunlight.

Selected models in the Sunwise Interchangeable range also feature clear lenses which can be great for windy days on the golf course when there's no sunlight.

Take a look at gradient and violet lenses 

Both of these lenses are great for golfers. Violet lenses track the golf ball and allow you to recognise the ball clearly both in flight and on the ground. Gradient lenses are designed for looking downwards without distraction when focusing on the golf ball and easily tracking the ball in flight under bright conditions. Brown lenses also improve contrast in medium to bright light conditions, especially in green and brown environments.

Consider a wraparound frame 

A wraparound frame will provide you with extra protection against sunlight. Wraparound frames can still be lightweight so you can wear them all day comfortably.

The wraparound style will also offer protection against wind, flying objects and sand which can all be picked up on a windy day! With a wraparound frame the lenses will be closer to your face - not allowing for sunlight to pass over the top of the frame or under the lenses when looking down.

Prescription compatible sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses are often required by golfers. Many sports sunglasses are too small or have too narrow lenses to add your prescription. However, there are those that have been specifically designed for the visually impaired golfer.

Allowing you to aid your performance with a pair of sports sunglasses - without sacrificing your overall vision whilst out on the course.

Make sure you're protected against UV 

Whether you're playing or watching golf protecting your eyes is extremely important. UV rays are invisible and are still strong even when the sun is not shining so it's essential to choose a pair of golf sunglasses that offer 100% protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Being out on the course for hours at a time without protection leaves your eyes at risk to fatigue, deterioration and even serious illness such as cataract and skin cancer of the eye.

Check out our golf collection to find the ideal pair of sunglasses to suit all of your needs when out on the course.

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