Warranty Policy

All Sunwise products are warranted for one year from the date of purchase against manufacturer’s defects.  This warranty may only be valid for the original purchaser with the original proof of purchase from an Authorised Sunwise Stockist. Sunwise does not hold warranty against any lens scratches, nor alterations, misuse, abuses or the installation of non Sunwise lenses. If an item is found to have a warranty fault then a repair or replacement of the item will be made as determined by Sunwise. At no point does the Sunwise warranty policy affect the legal right of customers under applicable laws governing the sale of consumer goods.
Please note: At no point are scratched lenses covered under the Sunwise warranty policy. However replacement lenses can be purchased through Sunwise Online, telesales or via a local Authorised Sunwise Stockist.
If you would like to make a Warranty claim against your eyewear please email us stating the claim with photographic evidence as well as original proof of purchase to info@tgsports.co.uk