Equinox Pro Sports Sunglasses



Product Details

The Sunwise® Equinox PRO Range has been designed to give the adaptability to change inclusive lenses whilst out on the course to suit the different conditions a golfer might face, throughout the year. The extremely light, polycarbonate frame allows a golfer to enjoy the game seamlessly, regardless of the playing conditions. A comfortable, secure fit and extremely durable with impact resistance. Equinox offer high optical clarity and impact resistant 1st class lenses to ensure the very best visibility from bright sunlight to cloudy conditions and personalised great looks. The Equinox includes 3 of the Sunwise® interchangeable lenses, these are; Yellow, Orange and Smoke lenses which come with the frames as standard. The lenses are designed to be easily swapped out and each colour suits all weather and light conditions, ranging from Low (Category 1) to Strong (Category 3) levels of light making them perfect for tracking balls through the air better and reducing glare when pitching or putting.

Category 1 Yellow Lens perfect for the overcast playing conditions typically found in the British Isles. A Category 2 Orange Lens for an intermediate light, furthermore, the orange lens also allows the golfer to pick out a white ball with ease, whether it be at centre cut on the fairway or slightly wayward in the rough. The Sunwise® Equinox Pro also comes complete with a Category 3 Smoke Lens, great when playing in strong and direct sunlight. All 3 lens sets are 1st class impact resistant and ensure the best clarity is enhanced by allowing the golfer to seamlessly switch between each set to suit the environment.

The wrap around style fits comfortably on the golfers face and prevents a distracting wind during the execution of a match winning shot. This sleek and brilliantly manufactured product is sure to captivate the imagination, ambition and inspire golfers to perform at their best, no matter the conditions.

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