Sunglasses for Winter Sports

Winter sport performance sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses for winter sports can be extremely helpful to your performance as well as keeping your eyes protected from strong UV rays and potential life threatening illnesses. Sunglasses are a great way to block out UV rays that can be additionally harmful when around snow, water, tarmac and grass. Depending on your sport sunglasses won't just be for cosmetic purposes, they can also give you the edge in competition or simply make your life that much easier whilst taking part in a sport you love.

Our winter sports performance sunglasses come with a variety of benefits that will help you succeed no matter what your goals and passions are. Find out why our Chromafusion® and Polafusion® sunglasses are so popular among athletes. Discover the benefits of wearing our interchangeable sunglasses, with a variety of additional lenses on offer including our platinum coated lenses. Or find out how our stylish leisure and lifestyle sunglasses can be applied to winter sports, sometimes it is not about the latest innovations, sometimes it is all about looking good.

Photochromic sunglasses for winter

Our stylish range of Chromafusion® sunglasses are ideal for all winter sports and activities. The innovative photochromic lens reacts to the light to provide the wearer the perfect amount of protection from dawn until dusk. When taking part in extreme winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding this level of protection is a must, when you spend your whole day on the slopes you will need performance eyewear that can last as long as you can. 

Many of our Chromafusion® models come with a mirror coated lens to give you that extra bit of protection when in strong sun at high altitudes. The environment you are in plays a big part in the amount of protection and coverage you need. Snow is an extremely reflective surface for harmful UV rays, protective eyewear is an absolute must and should always be worn when out in the sun for a long period of time.

All of our Chromafusion® sunglasses come with an anti-fog coating allowing them to be worn for extended periods without impeding your vision. Many sunglasses used for winter sports suffer from the lens fogging up after strenuous activity and long periods of wearing, this is not the case with our Chromafusion® models. Making them the ideal accessory for any winter sport enthusiast.

Why wear polarised sunglasses for winter sports?

One of the many problems athletes face during the winter time is strong sun during the early hours of the day and just before it gets dark. Winter sports do not allow the athlete a lot of time before the sun sets, so every second of daylight counts. When out in strong sunlight it is important that you have an unimpeded view of your surroundings and this is where our Polafusion® sunglasses come in. Like normal polarised sunglasses they give the wearer a much clearer view of their surroundings, they also eliminate 99% of glare which is especially important when taking part in winter based sports such as skiing and snowboarding or when you are around reflective surfaces such as rivers, lakes even puddles on the road.

Aside from eliminating glare, all of our Polafusion® models offer vivid colour contrast allowing the wearer to truly take in their surroundings and easily spot differences in terrain including potential hazards. But if you do ever fall or have a heavy impact near your eye, our impact resistant lenses will keep you protected at all times.

Should I wear sunglasses or goggles for winter sports?

The choice between either performance sunglasses or ski goggles really comes down to your own personal preference, there are certainly benefits for both but the overall choice is down to whether you like to wear goggles or sunglasses. Sunglasses are much more lightweight than a pair of goggles and will not restrict your peripheral vision. There are also many more options if you choose to go with sunglasses, there are our Chromafusion® models that react to sunlight provide the perfect amount of protection from dawn to dusk, there are our Polafusion® models that eliminate all glare to give you the clearest view possible, choose from our interchangeable that allow you to easily change your lenses whilst on the go to adapt to the conditions around you or you could just choose a pair of sunglasses to suit your sense of style.

From a performance stand point sunglasses provide all the same benefits as goggles. The arms of all Sunwise® sunglasses can easily fit inside a helmet and with the wrap around design there won't be any dangers of them falling off your head. 

Lenses for winter sports

There are a variety of different lenses that can be used for winter sports to help improve performance and offer greater visual clarity depending on the environment you are in.

Choose from various different lenses for your specific needs. A popular choice for winter sports are our platinum coated lenses. These stylish lenses offer numerous benefits when used for outdoor and winter sports, most notably they can offer an added layer of protection from strong sun.

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