Men's sports sunglasses

More and more men are taking to wearing sunglasses during sport, and for three main reasons. Firstly, to reduce the health risks caused by exposing your eyes to direct sunlight. Secondly, because high-quality men's sports sunglasses can radically improve performance. And thirdly, because they look amazing.

What's the difference between normal sunglasses and sports sunglasses?

Normal sunglasses are fine if you're just walking around town or lying on a beach, but when you're engaged in a rigorous sporting activity, you need to make sure that the sunglasses you wear have been specifically designed to withstand the extra pressures exerted on them.

As you will have noticed if you've ever played any sports wearing normal sunglasses, as soon as your body starts to emit higher quantities of heat and sweat, the lenses tend to mist over and the glasses themselves begin to slide down your face and can very easily come off. Men's sports glasses, however, are designed with these conditions in mind and have rubber grips at the bridge of the nose to ward off slippage.

Sports sunglasses for men also almost always come equipped with ventilation holes in the frames and the lenses, which allow for a much cooler experience and eliminate the possibility of misting and fogging.

Why would a man want sport sunglasses?

As well as offering significant protection against damaging UV rays, sun glare, dust, dirt and flying debris, sport sunglasses for men are also resistant to impact, shattering and scratching, and all kinds of adverse weather conditions.

Depending on the kind of sports being played, men’s sport sunglasses are designed to fit the face and head, increasing peripheral vision and providing protection from every angle. They come with super-light and extremely durable frames that are designed specifically to stay on your face no matter what you're doing. They're also built to provide maximum comfort and style, so as well enabling you to perform better in every sport, they look and feel great too.

How can sport sunglasses help with someone's performance in a sport?

Apart from the protection against harmful UV rays, a quality pair of men's sport sunglasses also increases performance in a number of key ways.

* Anti-glare: players of any outdoor sport can focus much more clearly on what they're doing, without having to worry about losing sight of their objective because of temporary blindness caused by sun glare.

* Anti-stress: the protection from glare and brightness allows sportsmen to relax their eyes, enormously cutting down on squinting and straining, reducing the possibility of eye tension, headaches and muscle strain in the face and neck, leaving the wearers of men's sports shades to focus on their game.

* Pro-vision: many models of sports sunglasses for men have coloured lenses that can aid clear vision in whatever sport you happen to be playing.

Which sports are suitable for sport sunglasses?

In a word, all of them. There is no outdoor sport that could not be improved by the wearing of a pair of Sunwise sports sunglasses. The most popular sports, however, are probably cycling, running, golf, tennis, cricket, skateboarding, rowing, surfing, sailing, skiing and snowboarding.

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