Impact Resistant

All Sunwise® sports performance sunglasses come with impact resistant lenses. Featuring shatterproof technology our lenses will protect the wearer’s eyes when coming into contact with anything at high impact.

Colour Enhancement

See the environment around you like you never have before with our colour enhancing lenses. Different colour lenses can help the wearer see their environment much more clearly.

UV Elimination

All Sunwise® lenses block 100% of harmful UVA & UVB rays. This protection from the sun will reduce damage to the wearer’s eyes and prevent long-term eye health risks.

Optical Clarity

See the world in high definition, our range of lenses offer optical clarity in all environments and our polarised and Polafusion® lenses give the wearer optimal visual clarity.

All Light Conditions

All Sunwise® Interchangeable models come with easy to change lenses whilst on the go. Each lens can be worn for different light conditions and provide protection all day long.

Mirror Coatings

Fashionable looks, reduce glare and provides stronger sun protection. Sunwise® mirror coated lenses look great and provide added protection from harmful UV rays. We have a wide range of mirrored lenses on offer.

HEV Protection

High Energy Ultra-Violet blue light rays can be extremely harmful to the eyes. Also known as blue light all Sunwise® lenses help block HEV without removing blue colours.


Glare can be extremely troublesome when out and about even when wearing sunglasses. Our range of mirror coated lenses help reduce glare and our Polarised and Polafusion® lenses eliminate glare.

Water & Oil Proof Coating

Sunwise® innovative waterproof and oil proof coating keeps the lens clean from water, oil, dust, grease and fingerprints.