Morgan Jones - Sport Inspired by You

Morgan Jones - Sport Inspired by You

As part of our new Sport Inspired by You campaign we have taken real life stories from athletes of all abilities to inspire the next generation of athletes. Sport is a great way to improve yourself both physically and mentally as well as a great way to make new friends. Many do often wonder how others got started or can be overwhelmed at the beginning stages. So let these stories show you how anyone can get involved and just how fun and exhilarating sport can be.

What got me interested in athletics?

I first tried athletics when it was suggested to me by Disability Sport Wales. I always enjoyed watching athletics on TV so was happy to give it a go. One of my first ever training sessions was lead by James Ledger, who is also an ambassador for sunwise. James and I ended up becoming training partners a few years later. I loved the idea of training to see how far I could jump or how fast I could run and became hooked on it.

Who has been my inspiration throughout my career?

I have always enjoyed watching elite athletes competing at the top of their game. Carl Lewis has been an inspiration to me as he competed in sprints and long jump which are the same events that I have specialised in during my time in athletics. Usain Bolt was a huge inspiration. Seeing him take the sport to a new level made me want to keep improving my own performances. Over the last few years my coach, Christian Malcolm, has been the biggest inspiration to me. He taught me so much, on and off the track. He lead me to my first Commonwealth games and has helped me develop as a coach. I will always look up to him as an athlete, coach and friend.

Current goals

In athletics I want to keep chipping away at my personal best in 100m. I have put long jump on the back burner for the past few years but I would like to pick that up again and see how I do in a few competitions. Off the track, I want to play more golf this year. I have found a few competitions that I would like to play. My goal is to have fun and hopefully finish the summer with a lower handicap than I start with!


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