Sunwise Ambassador - Equal Playing Field

Sunwise Ambassador - Equal Playing Field

Equal Playing Field: The Challenge

This Summer two teams of female players are looking to ascend and summit Mt. Kilimanjaro, once having reached the summit the two teams will descend to around 5785 metres above sea level and play a 90 minute game of football. This will go down in the record books as the highest game of football ever played. This record breaking attempt is all in aid of gaining equality for women in sport. Women & girls are often overlooked when it comes to football, either by not being allowed to play, lack of funding and lack of opportunities.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for everyone involved, not only does it push the boundaries of what has been done before and generate great awareness about the inequality women face within the game. Not only will these women be setting records they will also be partnering with existing charities to help spread awareness and amplify the work they are already doing.

We are sponsoring the 10 UK team members for this historic event, including former England star Rachel Unitt.


We have supplied the UK team members with our Summit sunglasses. These stylish sunglasses will offer great protection from the strong sun at high altitudes and comfortably sit on their faces. This model comes with an incredibly lightweight frame that has rubber padding added for extra comfort.

Follow Their Journey

Keep up to date with the girls journey up Mt Kilimanjaro, how the game went and all of the charitable work they will be doing after the game by going to their website or through their social media profiles: Instagram & Facebook

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