Sunwise Partner - England Athletics

Sunwise Partner - England Athletics

Sunwise® and England Athletics have been partners for almost 10 years. Together it is our aim to support and grow the next generation of English athletes. The partnership between Sunwise and England athletics has always been a natural fit, with our brands being established in the UK sports market.

England Athletics came from humble beginnings into the sustainable and trusted governing sports body in the world of British athletics today. Our partnership with England Athletics started in 2008 when they were looking to get their Hall of Fame initiative off the ground. We loved the idea and passion they put into the project and decided to support them on their journey to reach their goals. The England Athletics Hall of Fame is now entering its 10th year.

Over the last 10 years we have been privileged to work alongside England Athletics and help them in any way possible. Over the course of our partnership we have supplied to England teams, international athletes and championship winners with our products. As well as offer their members and volunteers access to the latest in eyewear innovation at affordable prices.

We asked CEO Chris Jones what his favourite parts of the journey over the last 10 years have been. One of Chris’s highlights has been the huge growth seen in the number of people taking part in weekly athletics, with the help of EA the number has grown from 1.6m in 2006 to 2.4m in 2016. Another highlight of his, is the rousing success of the Run England programme that now has over 100,000 registered participants and has trained over 20,000 coaches since 2012.

Just this year England Athletics have achieved so much for the athletics and running communities, in January for instance they launched their brand new RunTogether programme that made running groups & clubs much more accessible up and down the country. England Athletics also took a team of athletes to the inaugural Nitro Athletics series in Melbourne where they got to compete alongside running great Usain Bolt.

It has been a pleasure to be partnered with England Athletics for the last 10 years and we look forward to many more years ahead. Together we aim to preserve England’s athletic heritage and inspire the next generation of athletes.

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