Tim Mosedale - Everest Expedition

Tim Mosedale - Everest Expedition


Leader of the Everest Expedition Tim Mosedale, has over 18 years’ experience working in Nepal and has amassed an impressive 5 ascents of Everest. Four of which being from the South side and one being on the coveted North side. In fact, Tim was part of the Karrimor 2005 Everest expedition that successfully summited from the North side. It wasn’t until 2011 that Tim led his first expedition from the South Col route to become only the 10th Brit to summit Everest from both sides.



  • Summited Everest 5 times (4 South, 1 North)
  • Made a double summit of Everest in 2013
  • Summited Lobuche East 5 times
  • Summited Island Peak 8 times
  • Summited Mera Peak twice
  • Summited Cho Oyu in 2006
  • Has summited over 50 different peaks in Greenland


Mission Statement

Tim and the whole Everest Expedition team relish in helping other people’s dreams come true. To help guide, mentor and lead other avid climbers up Everest is truly gratifying as he is helping many achieve their goals. He wants to help others rise to the challenge and achieve what some might believe to be impossible.


Plans for 2017

This year the Everest Expedition team is planning another Everest accent. Starting in the Khumbu region of Nepal, Tim and his team will be taking a mix of 7 male and female trekkers to Everest base camp where 5 avid climbers will stay on for accents on the Lhoste Expedition and finally the accent on Everest.



Tim and his team will be using Sunwise models Summit Grey and Summit Red. The Summit Grey model comes with blue platinum lenses offering protection against the strongest sunlight they will be facing whilst on their accent. Each model has a sturdy wrap around style and flat arms to keep it secure on the climbers head and comfortable under their climbing gear, as well as polarised lenses to give the clearest view possible.


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